Imago Dei grows thanks to DWS win

By Ayla Mouchwar, Staff Writer

The beginning of the school year saw the second win for Mrs. Caddow in the Dancing with Our Stars competition, which resulted in over $60,000 in prize money for Trinity’s Imago Dei program.

    Dancing with Our Stars is a citywide fundraiser event hosted by the Santa Clarita magazine, designed to promote non-profit organizations. This was Trinity’s second first place win, having won the event the previous year as well. 

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Day in the Life: Troy Lipis – Olympic hopeful

By Sam Lee, Staff Writer

   While many student understand the rigors of organized sports at Trinity, not many compete at the same level as freshman Troy Lipis. Lipis is a nationally ranked gymnast who has achieved great success through unwavering dedication.  

   Lipis represents Waller’s Gymjam Academy and is on a boys team with other Junior Olympians, coached by Raj Bhavsar, Joe Harries, and Regulo Carmona. His commitment to the team is genuine and is evidenced by the time he puts in at the gym. On weekdays,  Lipis goes there directly from Trinity and trains until 8:00 pm. He puts in an additional four hours on the weekends.  Continue reading

Freshman focus: Life in Rhetoric School

By Sam Lee, Staff Writer

   Trinity Classical Academy’s Class of 2020 has quickly acclimated to life in Rhetoric School. Most freshman agree that the biggest difference between Logic School and Rhetoric School is the house system. They are enjoying their newfound freedoms in Rhetoric School and the connections they can make through the new social outlets. 

   Tori Fay, a member of Dante, commented, “The house system is cool because you get to have friends in other grades, but still have your own group of friends.”

   Literature teacher Mr. Lawman expressed his pleasure in teaching Rhetoric School students: “[They] are able to sustain a more focused environment and have a longer attention span so we can have deeper discussions.”

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Knights crush Cardinals during Faithbowl halftime

By Joanna Lee, Staff Writer

   The second Faith Bowl hosted on October 1, 2016, ended in both great victory and great defeat. While the Knights did not win the second annual football game against the Santa Clarita Christian School Cardinals, our school triumphed in an even more significant battle: the dodgeball game.

   When the game hosted by the Master’s College during halftime began students from both Trinity and SCCS stood at the battle lines, ready to pummel each other for the champion’s prize: Kona Ice.
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Seniors to Freshmen: How to survive high school

The Class of 2017 provides words of wisdom to the current freshman on how to survive and thrive in rhetoric school. 

Hannah Looney: “I would tell my freshman self to be bold and confident, and to not worry about pleasing everyone.”

Dante Del Rosario: “Let each moment matter. Let not the future worry you. Let your talents be shown. Let wisdom be known.”

Drew Black: “Dance like noone is watching. Dance like it’s your last dance.”

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What I would tell my freshman self


By Sarah Howell, Staff Writer

  As a senior, I’m constantly looking forward. What college will I go to? What will my major be? What career will I pursue? But when I find myself interacting with freshman, whether it be at House activities or in athletics, I am reminded of who I used to be and I think of what I would tell myself if I had the chance.

  So, here is what I wish I had known, and what I hope the current freshmen to know.  

  First of all, find a community. Whether this is through a sport or a club, find people you can walk with through this crazy thing called high school. You were never meant to go through life alone, and having people who you connect with over a mutual interest can change your high school experience. Continue reading

Christ and Culture elective decodes worldviews

By Ayla Mouchawar, Staff Writer

   When watching a movie, the viewer usually does not consider the worldview of the screenwriter, or the implicit cultural values embedded in between the riveting action scenes. That’s where Christ and Culture comes in.

   Christ and Culture was started four years ago by Dr. Dixon, and is currently taught by Mr. Margrave, who taught a similar class at SCCS. This elective was instituted out of the students’ desires for a class oriented around Christian worldview, particularly how it fits in with our modern society, and one that informed them of the other worldviews.

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Chapel changes don’t diminish student expectations

By Sam Lee, Staff Writer

   Chapel has taken on a new look this year as changes to the school building, particularly the utilization of part of the Celebration Center for classrooms, have decreased the amount of available open space for the growing school community. 

   Dr. Dixon spoke at the first chapel of the year and presented his message on Joshua’s obedience to God outside. Grammar, logic, and rhetoric school students sat in folding chairs and worshiped together on the first day of school.  

   Creative solutions to the space issue have expanded beyond the use of outdoor space. For the second chapel of the year, students were split between upper and lower schools and attended their separate chapels at staggered times in the Celebration Center. 
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The Cross & The Court: Winning What Matters



  By Dr. Dixon, Athletic Directormatt-dixon

   It may seem odd, but some of the most memorable sports moments in my life are from times that I lost. I remember losing (badly) a basketball playoff game when I was a freshman in high school to a much bigger, talented team full of Division 1 recruits.  I can still remember what it looked like and felt like as a scrawny, fourteen-year-old kid to lose to a team like that.

  Perhaps at the time I wouldn’t have admitted that such games would be memorable, especially in a positive sense, but since then I have come to realize just how instrumental they have been in my life as a follower of Christ.
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